There is no stronger connection between people than storytelling. Mankind has been telling stories for as long as we’ve been human. Von Vongole specializes in developing and producing distinctive creative content concepts.

Through storytelling and then convey them in written form or visually, VON VONGOLE translates ideas into surprising content. From video and animation, social media, creative design and beyond, there is a host of media through which VON VONGOLE can help tell your story.

Concept development

Concept development is where all of the threads come together. It’s the ideas and the process. The creativity and the science. The emotion and the intellect. Von Vongole believes that it is way more fun and sustainable to team up with other creatives to bring new ideas to life and produce better and original content. In this process we’ll workshop ideas, pull everything apart and put it back together to create a concept that aligns with your business branding and marketing goals.

Content creation

Von Vongole is bright in creating written and/or visual content and makes your business information accessible to your audience in text, video, animation, photography, etc.

Von Vongole creates engaging text content, from website copy to blogs and social media posts. The written content will help your visitors or potential clients to engage with you or inform your clients with clear product descriptions.

Pictures sometimes say more than words. Photography is therefore an important part of visual storytelling. With good and well-chosen images, your communication is irresistible, informative and stimulates engagement. Our goal is to visualise your company’s product or service clearly and sharply to evoke the right emotion. Whether it is product photography, event photography, portraits or a unique concept, Von Vongole collaborates with professional photographers to produce the perfect picture!

Visual content is an important marketing tool. Video appeals to the imagination and increases the chance on engagement and conversation. Von Vongole produces visual content that contributes to your business strategy. From brand films to animated videos and more.

Social media is an ideal way to get in touch with your target audience in an accessible way. By placing fun, informative and above all unique content, you build a community of loyal followers. Many companies believe they should do “something” with social media, but don’t know how, when and with what content. What is your goal? Generate traffic to your website? Building a community of loyal followers or increasing your brand awareness? Von Vongole helps you draw up and execute a well-thought-out social media strategy.

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